About SSCH

Hospitality and Tourism are major economic growth and development sectors for Pakistan. It can add to the country’s prosperity and create significant numbers of jobs. In 2015, the sector generated some 1.5 million jobs directly, principally in hotels, restaurants, travel agents and passenger transport services (excluding commuter services). Indirectly a significant number of jobs are dependent on the sector such as craft industries and agri-processing. In some provinces, the hospitality sector is a major employer. Forecasts confirm that employment will continue to increase in the sector over the next decade.

Sector Skills Council is a way to formalize the organization of employers in a sector to actively engage in technical and vocational education and training. They work together with employers to create and develop training and skills development solutions that meet the particular needs of the sector, and improve the country’s competitiveness and productivity. The Government of Pakistan through National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) has recognized the Skills Council in Hospitality Sector as the representative voice for the sector in Technical Education and Vocational Education (TVET). NAVTTC is committed to involve the Council in policy decisions on training, development of training programmes as well as provide advisory role in the areas of labour market information and on-the-job training.