Main objectives

Encourage and stimulate employers to be more involved in training

SSCH will help drive the development of a demand-led TVET system by working with employers throughout its sector. It will take time to build such coverage, but imaginative outreach strategies should be developed during the first three years to ensure that all sector concerns are addressed.

Provide information to set training priorities and standards

Employers will be critical in ensuring that services and people development solutions that might be proposed by the Sector Skills Council are relevant to the needs of the sector and the development of fit-for-purpose qualifications

Support the development of training provision

There are significant reforms being introduced to improve publicly-funded technical education and vocational training and to increase the number of training service providers. Employers will be made aware of these changes and their implications for business. SSCH will take the lead role, within Federal Guidelines, for developing, maintaining and up-dating national occupational standards within the context of the Pakistan National Vocational Qualifications Framework.