Management Team

Organizational Structure/Chart

SSCH currently has a flat organizational structure with a skeletal staff to support it. It is headed by Honorary Chief Executive Officer, who is responsible for helping the organisation get off the ground, and actively take support/liaise with donors, Government and the industry and plays a central role in creating awareness about the activities and objectives of the organization.

Going forward the organization plans to put in place a specialized Quality Assurance Department and a further tier of support staff comprising of senior managers, assistant managers and trainers shall be added to the organizational structure.

As the Council evolves and its functions expand it will need a structure and support staff to enable it to undertake its functions to reflect the ambitions of the sector, rate of growth, and access to resources. However:

  • The structure will be consistent with the objectives of SSCH with clear statements of functional responsibilities and accountability;
  • The roles and responsibilities of members of staff will be defined in job descriptions;
  • The Sector Skills Council should have policies and procedures to govern its administration;
  • Corporate governance arrangements and the roles of executive staff should be clear.