Membership benefits

Membership Benefits:

Tourism and hospitality is everybody’s business. There are few sectors of the community that do not drive a benefit from tourism. SSC members may include: hospitality businesses; events; accommodation providers; restaurateurs; airlines; retailers; tour operators; attractions; developers; training providers; local government and travel agents.



SSC Hospitality is the peak industry body for Tourism & Hospitality in Pakistan, acting as “The Voice of Hospitality Industry”. We are a not-for-profit membership organization representing members’ interests and would maintain strong industry representation in all relevant forums. SSC reflects the views of the industry at all levels throughout Pakistan and works closely with the industry, training service providers, federal and provisional government agencies, Associations, Chambers, Ministers and officials.

The future of Hospitality industry is influenced in no small measure by decisions that governments and government agencies make; occasionally without recognizing the impact such decisions may have on the industry. Hospitality must remain vigilant and continuously present its case in every policy industry; SSC Hospitality would maintain a consistent and credible industry presence at every level of government.

2-Business Improvement & Support:

SSC would support business growth; assists industry in addressing development challenges and identifies new opportunities. SSC will be working to address regional and sectorial issues and respond to meet the growing and diverse needs of our members, including individuals, Regional & Provisional Organizations, hotels & restaurants, sector associations and other stakeholders including government agencies.

Additionally advisory services for business innovation ideas and consultation regarding current challenge in their businesses including financial sustainability issues, marketing & visibility plans, Costing & Pilferages Control, Human Resource and many more.

3- Human Resource Development:

SSC Hospitality would help Tourism & Hospitality industry to acquire the competent Human Resource throughout Pakistan. As the industry is always being challenged due to shortage of skilled workforce according to their specific needs time to time. SSC Hospitality would provide an up to date database of skilled HR to the industry. It would be easier to find the professionals for specific training needs of different organization focusing different areas like: Soft skills/ Technical skills etc.

4- Networking & Visibility:

SSC would organize a range of events, from launch & awareness seminars to exclusive training sessions and Annual Conference with presentations from business leaders, Govt. officials, funding partners (National & International), Tourism & Hospitality experts. Through these events we would be able to offer the networking opportunities to our valuable members. Additionally through sponsorships in different event, participating organizations would be promoted nationwide. Such kind of events would provide direct & effective input into government policy development too. Information dissemination is a key benefit of membership. SSC would publish monthly eNewsletter, presentations and reports on significant issues affecting business and therefore more competitive in the market place.