Our Vision, Mission and Values


The hospitality sector as a key driver of economic and social development generating decent work, recognized nationally and internationally for the range and quality of its services


To mobilize and enthuse the Hospitality Sector to promote high quality demand based innovative training and assessment programmes in partnership with government, regulatory agencies and training providers.

Our core values


in our own work and in striving for the continuous raising of standards in education and training


to be inclusive in our approach expanding opportunities for training to women and men from all economic and ethnic backgrounds and those are otherwise marginalized or disadvantaged. We shall seek to involve both large and small employers and make our work accessible throughout the country


to encourage efficiency and effectiveness both by individuals and collectively in market-driven programs


our values will define our work and we shall aim for the greatest transparency in our transactions and dealings, review and assess our work critically, publish audited annual accounts of income and expenditure and make ourselves accountable to the sector we serve


establishing a strong work ethic focusing on competencies to get the job done and solutions to issues, using our knowledge and expertise


we shall seek to establish working relationships with employers, training service providers, with federal and provincial governments, regulatory agencies and with comparable organisations and stakeholders overseas, and work collaboratively to advance a common agenda, share information and discuss issues in a mutually supportive way.