Sector profile

The foundation for the work of Sector Skills Council is robust, high quality research and labour market intelligence. The developmental proposals and services designed by Sector Skills Council must be evidence-based. Drafting a map of the occupations in each sector and sub-sector helps to identify linkages between jobs and career profiling and to identify where training might be concentrated to have the greatest impact. There are issues to be clarified, as Hospitality is not yet a defined sector for statistical and other analyses.
The sector profile should look at current training arrangements and the potential supply of labour to the sector;
Key information to be collected and analyzed will include:
Training institutes/providers that offer relevant programmes; the numbers of places available by programme; rates of enrolment, selection criteria, completion and recruitment into jobs; accreditation status of providers; development plans and capacity and professional development of staff;
Work-based training and the extent to which employers invest in training; training capacity and human resource development plans; numbers and progression of apprentices and details of apprenticeship policy and legal framework;
Assessments and development plans of TEVTAs and line ministries and discussions with them and Assessment Bodies.