NAVTTC is an apex body at national level to regulate, facilitate and provide policy direction in Vocational & Technical Training. The Commission is establishing and promoting linkages among various stakeholders existing at national as well as international level. Since its inception, NAVTTC has given a high priority to un-addressed areas and challenges being faced by TVET.


The “NVQF Support Units” (NSUs) at provincial TEVTAs / PVTC and other private sector TVET service providers will be responsible to:

  • Coordinate with private sector / technical working group / Institute Management Committee meetings and assisting in implementation of decisions of these committees
  • Coordinate and liaise with NSU of NAVTTC for convening meetings of the NVQF management committee and assist in implementing decisions of the committee
  • Process requests for development, registration and review of national vocational qualifications.
  • Participate in the meetings of the CCDTE and technical committees
  • Support NAVTTC in NVQF review process on the basis of M&E reports and feedback during implementation process
  • Arrange / organise trainings for managers, instructors, assessors, M&E and accreditation etc.
  • Create liaison with private sector for support in VC/JP activities
  • Determine the necessary budgets and supply funding to meet equipment and machinery demand and prepare a roll-out plan for introduction of NVQs.
  • Prepare TEVTAs/PVTC to establish and install quality assurance M&E system in all the institutions for quality delivery of training and assessment.
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation activities for quality assurance such as;-
    • Delivery of Competency Based Trainings at institute level
    • Accreditation.
    • Conduct of Competency Assessment/Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
    • HRD activities (Teachers Training/Principals Trainings/Assessors Trainings etc.).

Sector leading corporates

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